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Rail system sets

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Lighting of green walls & vertical gardens

Lighting kits based on the rails are ideal for growing plants that are spread on large areas such as green walls or vertical gardens. The rails allow installation of many lighting fixtures. Usage of the rails needs only one electrical connection. All of the grow lights components are available in white and black. The rails are available in lengths of 1 and 2 meters and thanks to the special adapters, we can connect the rail one to another which enables to create longer configurations.

Growing large plants at home

The rail sets will also work in a situation where we want to light a large plant in our home -  e.g. a palm tree or other type of bigger plant that decorates our living room. These types of plants often reach very large sizes, which usually means that it is necessary to use more than one lighting point. By using a plant lighting rail, we can easily install the right number of light fixtures and save our plants from insufficient light conditions.