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LED bulbs for growing plants

VERTICANA bulbs are the perfect solution for all those who want to illuminate their indoor plants. The specially designed light color makes the plants grow faster and achieve their full genetic potential. The light produced by our bulbs is perceived by the human eye as close to white light, unlike competing solutions that are characterized by unpleasant intensive red-blue light color. Each bulb from our offer illuminates 1m², choose the appropriate lens for the distance from which you will illuminate your plants.

Bulbs for lighting domestic plants

Our plants often lack enough light in our homes. Plants particularly exposed to deficiency of light are those that grow near windows facing north. To save our home plants, it is best to use energy-saving LED lamps from VERTICANA.

Bulbs for lighting on fall / winter days

Our plants often suffer from insufficient light in the winter/fall season. To illuminate our plants, we need to provide them with an additional source of light. The ideal solution will be bulbs from VERTICANA. Thanks to our bulbs, we will not only increase the amount of light but also be able to extend the day time where plants are exposed to light. This is especially important for long-day plants, which will not bloom when the dark period is longer than the light period.