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Surface-mounted sets

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How to illuminate plants at home

Lighting plants at home usually causes many problems. The difficulties associated with this topic are most often related with the installation of the fixture itself. Most of the solutions available on the market are temporary, so these solutions do not look aesthetically. Surface-mounted VERTICANA luminaires that can be easily installed on any flat surface come to the rescue. Permanent installation on the ceiling or wall as well as the aesthetic appearance of the luminaire will make the installed light not visible or interfere with everyday functioning.

Indoor plants have too little light

If your houseplants do not have enough light the usage of VERTICANA lighting will be the perfect solution. Our customers for home installations most often choose surface-mounted luminaires. It is characterized by easy and flexible installation. Remember that using this type of fixture you will be able to connect only one bulb, if you need more light points, the rail lighting from our offer will be the best solution.