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How does the Verticana system work?

How does the VERTICANA system work?

VERTICANA plant lighting is a solution for everyone who loves being among beautiful and healthy plants all year round. Read our description to find the best solution for your plants' needs.

1. The idea of VERTICANA lighting

VERTICANA grow light was designed to provide additional illumination for plants in spaces with limited or none natural lighting. The main idea of the brand was to combine a neat appearance, pleasant spectrum of light, efficiency and easy installation.


VERTICANA offers whiteish light that is pleasant to both the humans and efficient in plants growth. A specially selected color of light allows us to present the natural beauty of our garden. The light spectrum used in VERTICANA is pleasant for people and at the same time meeting the needs of plants for active photosynthesis

barwa światła verticana barwa normalnego światła

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Remember that you should never look directly at the light source, during installation, install the lighting in such a way that the system does not shine directly into your eyes and only illuminates the plants

2. How many lighting points will I need?

Each VERTICANA bulb (mounted at the appropriate distance) illuminates up to 1m ^ 2. The bulb amount needed to illuminate your garden depends on the size and dispersion of your plants.

For example:

In an apartment where we want to illuminate one large Monster and a green wall with dimensions of 2x1.5m, we will need a separate light point for the monstera and 4 bulbs for the vertical garden (4 lighting points could illuminate the area up to 2x2m, but in our case due to the fact that we want our light to be evidently distributed, we have to use 4 pieces for an area of 2x1.5m - remember that one bulb illuminates up to 1m ^ 2).

3. Which luminaire type should I choose?

The VERTICANA system has 3 types of luminaires. Below is a list with the specification of each type and our recommendations:

 1.Track lighting

Rail lighting is most often chosen for installations where we want to install many lighting points in one spot. This is most often the case when  we want to illuminate green walls (they usually have a big size) . Another example may be a room where we have many plants in different places that require separate light sources.

Our offer includes rails with a length of 1 and 2 meters as well as various types of connectors thanks to which we can connect multiple rails into one system, which allows the installation of almost any number of lighting points.

soczewki verticana rozkład

  1. Single surface mounted luminaire

Surface-mounted luminaires are an ideal solution for people who want to illuminate one larger plant or many smaller plants that grow on an area of no more than 1m2,

This type of luminaires can be installed almost anywhere - on the wall or ceiling.

soczewki verticana rozkład

  1. Single recessed luminaire

The recessed luminaire were designed for installation in all kind of suspended ceilings. In practice, these solutions are most often found in offices and showrooms. The luminaire is ideal for plasterboard, mineral and wooden ceilings.

As in the case of a surface-mounted luminaire, a recessed luminaire is suitable for lighting a single large plant or a group of smaller plants.

oprawy pod tynkowe

4) Which lens to choose?

The VERTICANA system offers bulbs with four types of lenses: 15 °, 25 °, 45 ° and 80 °. When choosing the right lens, the distance from the bulb to the plant is very important. Greater the light beam angle, the closer the bulb has to be mounted to the illuminated plant. Each of the bulbs installed at the appropriate distance illuminates the surface up to 1m ^ 2

Our offer includes bulbs with the following light distribution angles:

The 15 ° lens illuminates plants up to 5m away

The 25 ° lens illuminates plants up to 3.5m away

The 45 ° lens illuminates plants up to 2m away

The 80 ° lens illuminates plants located at a distance of up to 1m