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How to illuminate Monstera plant? A perfect LED grow lightning for Monstera plants.

How to illuminate Monstera plant? A perfect LED grow lightning for Monstera plants.

Signs your monstera needs more light

Monsteras have recently become one of the most popular houseplants and for good reason – their characteristic split leaves make them a striking accent in any interior. For that to happen your monstera needs to be provided with all the necessary resources, most importantly light. Many monsteras are treated, similar to palms, as plants which don’t require much light. It is true that they can survive in low light conditions, but for them to thrive they need to be supplied with quite a lot of light. So if you want your monstera to look its best and not merely survive, you should consider whether your plant is getting enough light. Firstly, you need to know how old your monstera is. Young plants will have to grow for a few years until they achieve fenestration, or leaf splitting. Before your plant grows for 2 or 3 years, it's best not to consider the lack of fenestration a symptom of too little light. 

What light do monsteras need?

Although they need a large amount of light, monsteras can’t just be placed near a bright window or outside in the bright sunlight. They prefer bright indirect light, which means light rays should never be cast on the leaves directly, leaving a shadow. This can lead to brown spots on the leaves. 

Signs of too little light:

Leaves not splitting

If your monstera is over three years old and its leaves are yet to split, it might need more light. One theory for the reason the leaves split in the first place is that they let light pass to lower parts of the plant. If they don’t get the light they require, they have no need to split.


 If not provided with enough light, the monstera will try its best to reach a source, causing it to grow up. Vertical growth makes the plant look unappealing and sparse.

Soil doesn’t dry completely

Less light means less growth, which in turn causes the monstera to use less water. If the soil stays moist for longer than normal, your monstera may need more light. Wet soil is very dangerous, as it can lead to root rot, which is very difficult to counteract.

Discoloration of leaves

It is also important to look out for leaf discoloration, which can be caused by overwatering. Because those issues are related, symptoms of overwatering can also be seen as ones caused by too little light.

Monstera light requirements

Most monsteras require at least 5 hours of sunlight, but  they can go as high as 12. You have to remember to give your plant some rest – they need to have a night too. South and East windows are best, but in colder months even they can prove insufficient. This is where growlights come in. Verticana LED lights are a great supplement to natural light, but their complete light spectrum makes them suitable as a complete replacement too. Plants mostly need red and blue light, which means a lot of growlights have a purple hue, unpleasant to the human eye. Verticana lamps provide the same wavelengths and then some, while also having a pleasant color. The modular system is easy to assemble and customize, letting you control the light your plants get.