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Verticana Press & Clip holders
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The VERTICANA® system is lighting specially designed to illuminate indoor plants, vertical gardens, green walls as well as any other plant that we want to keep indoors.. Contrary to other lamps on the market, VERTICANA® enables effective illumination of plants from a long distance. A great convenience is the possibility of mounting the system directly on the ceiling thanks to a special rail. Verticana also offers the possibility of mounting a single lighting module anywhere on the wall or ceiling, as well as in a suspended ceiling. Verticana offers "white -ish" light that is effective for plants. A specially selected color of light allows us to present the natural beauty of your garden (in contrary od string red and blue lights offered by competitors). The light used in Verticana is characterized by a high color rendering index compared to competing solutions. The system also provides our plants with the most important light lengths (nm) needed for active photosynthesis.